Parking on Street after two-inches of snowfall: Section 78-74 of the Village of Rockdale Code of Ordinances states: After two inches of snowfall, parking is prohibited on the odd-numbered sides of the street on even numbered calendar days and on even-numbered sides of the street on odd-numbered calendar days. Any violaters of this are subject to towing at the owners's expense. This section is in effect until both the snowfall has ended and the streets have been cleared. Any person who violates this section shall be fined not less than $75.00 and not more than as set forth in Section 1-8.


The Village of Rockdale – From our Mayor

As we move forward from 2020, its a time to reflect from the year past, and look forward to what faces us in the new year. Although our community is still in a crisis with the pandemic, we have all persevered, pulled together, and risen to the occasion to keep the Village of Rockdale safe.

We have faced this adversity together, and as we move forward, we must remember what we have lost, so we can work to prevent similar outcomes in the future. Sadly, many of us know someone, or of someone, who passed during this time. Now there is a clear light at the end of the tunnel; vaccines have arrived in the Will County Region. While the light is visible, we have not reached it just yet.

So please, be careful this winter. Protect yourself and loved ones by wearing a mask, socially distancing from those outside your household, and always stay positive during these difficult times. We have come too far to give in to COVID-19 fatigue.

This past year will be remembered for its historic challenges. In 2021, we will continue our work to overcome these adversities, because we all know brighter days are on the horizon for community in Rockdale.


Mayor Samuel Wyke