Notice of Water and Sewer Rate Increase: Notice of Increase of Village of Rockdale Water and Sewer Rates   Dear Resident or Business Owner,   The Village Board recently voted to increase water and sewer rates effective as of the March 1, 2023, invoicing cycle (February 2023 usage). As you may or may not know, the Village of Rockdale at times must purchase water from the City of Joliet. In addition, the City of Joliet processes all the Village’s wastewater. Over the past several years, the City has increased its water and sewer charges by a fixed percentage. In November of 2022, the City of Joliet increased its water rates by 10.5% and its sewer rates by 3%, which went into effect December 1, 2022. As a result, the Village must pass those increases on to its water and sewer customers. In addition to having to keep pace with Joliet’s rate increases, the Village is required to eliminate deficits in the Village Water Fund and to continue to be able to fund ongoing maintenance repair/replacement of its aging water infrastructure as well as capital investment in future water and sewer projects. The cost to operate, maintain, repair, and replace infrastructure such as water main pipes, well site pumps, fire hydrants and other essential facilities continues to increase. In addition to the increased cost of having Joliet process wastewater and the recent need to purchase water from Joliet due to Rockdale well issues, the cost of regulatory compliance, outside services, material, and energy costs for ground water pumping all affect the Village’s ability to maintain its water and sewer systems. The increased water and sewer rate increases will ensure that the Village is able to collect sufficient revenue to cover fixed expenses, meet the Joliet increases, and fund future capital improvements which include the following:   Water Distribution System Improvements – Future improvements of aging system and increased demand. The project includes replacing water mains, pressure regulating valves, meters, and design and construction of new water mains on the east side of the Village. The project also includes inspections, design, repair and replacement of water storage reservoirs and pump stations as well as a new water connection to the City of Joliet system.   Water Treatment Facility Improvements –This project will include design, maintenance, and construction modifications to various water treatment plant infrastructure, including design and replacement of pump stations and storage tanks.   Wastewater System Improvements – Design and construction of sewer lines and rehabilitation of sewer manholes. Certain existing sewer infrastructure has been in use for more than 30 years and needs rehabilitation. Sewer lines will be videotaped to review condition, and once problems have been identified problems, repair and replacement will be initiated. Undersized sewer lines will be replaced as necessary.   Mound Road Sewer Interceptor and Lift Station – The installation of a new sewer interceptor and lift station to convey sewer flow to the City of Joliet sewer treatment facility.   The increased rates are as follows:     CATEGORY   WATER   SEWER   TOTAL MINIMUM   RESIDENTIAL $13.65 $17.55 $31.20   INDUSTRIAL 1 $38.70 $77.00 $115.70 INDUSTRIAL 2 $108.85 194.50 $303.35   BUSINESS $19.35 $38.55 $57.90   Again, these increases will be reflected on the March 2023 invoicing for February 2023 usage.   Sincerely, Samuel Wyke Village President  


The Village of Rockdale – From our Mayor


The Village is excited to offer a new feature on our Village of Rockdale web site, Water Bill Payments on line! Our easy method of payment allows you the oportunity to open your account and pay your water bill! It’s easy to use and provides a safe and secure method of payment from a trusted source. 

Keep safe everyone!

Sam Wyke, Mayor of Rockdale